Mission, Vision and Values

ASIA Vision Statement

ASIA will be the premier North American organization in the field
of Spinal Cord Injury care, education, and research

Core Values of ASIA

  • Commitment to the wellbeing of people with spinal cord injury
  • Discovery and knowledge translation
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Engagement of the next generation
  • Every member matters. . .


  • to promote and establish standards of excellence for all aspects of health care of individuals with spinal cord injury from onset throughout life
  • to educate members, other healthcare professionals, patients and their families as well as the public on all aspects of spinal cord injury and its consequences in order to prevent injury, improve care, increase availability of services and maximize the injured individual’s potential for full participation in all areas of community life
  • to foster research which aims at preventing spinal cord injury, improving care, reducing consequent disability, and finding a cure for both acute and chronic SCI
  • to facilitate communication among members and other physicians, allied health care professionals, researchers and consumers


ISCoS Textbook on Comprehensive Management of Spinal Cord Injuries (see letter)

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